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Brand: GoboSource Model: ES-LED10
Slightly  Used - 95% New - Discounted Price - No Refund/Exchange Third Generation of our LED projector line in an extremely compact housing. The ES-LED10 utilizes a US developed 10W LED in combination with interchangeable projection lenses. This combination delivers light output that rivals o..
USD$199.00 USD$249.00
B150 LED Projector with Gobo Rotator - USED B150 LED Projector with Gobo Rotator - USED
New -15 %
Brand: GoboSource Model: ES-B150
Slight used - 95% New - Discounted price - No Refund/Exchange Cutting Edge LED Technology combined with an extremely efficient optical system that pushes the envelope once more. The B150 rivals classic 1200W discharge projectors at much lower cost, power consumption and size. Inte..
USD$1,099.00 USD$1,298.00
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