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DIY Gobo Design

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have artwork design to be uploaded directly, DONOT upload here. please place the order here with artwork upload: Custom Gobos. If you prefer to use our pre-designed templates, order here: Wedding Gobos, Birthday Gobos, Stock Gobos

The size of your gobo depends on the lighting fixture you use. The artwork that we are able to fit on this gobo also depends on that gobo size. In some cases (most commonly with a complex design and lots of small detail), the actual gobo can only be created in glass due to the design and gobo size limitation. You can choose the gobo size after you have uploaded the design. (As a rule of thumb, gobo image size less than 24mm is bettter produced with a glass gobo). For more information regarding Metal vs Glass gobo, visit our FAQ for explanations. This picture below illustrates the diffreence between metal & glass gobos.

How to use the DIY tool:
  1. Double Click (tap on phone) the design elements to add to the Canvas
  2. Use the handlers to adjust the size, rotate / centre the element, Press SHIFT and drag the handler changes the aspect ratio of the element. Use the red delete button to remove the element.
  3. You have the option to upload your own design, the recommended file type is a png file with transparent background and graphic in white.
  4. Once the design is ready, click on the Upload Design to Order button which will re-direct you to the ordering page.