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Custom Gobo Pricing

Below are prices for our custom gobo types and typical examples. We offer custom gobos in all sizes. There are no hidden charges. Click the order button and select your Options and final cost will show right away. Call for questions or email us at

Note: Prices below are indicated in USD$ (CDN$).

Metal B/W Glass B/W Glass with Grayscale
Original: US$55 (C$60)
Duplicate: US$28 (C$35)
Original: US$89 / 79 (C$90)
Duplicate: US$59 / 52  (C$65)
Original: US$119 (C$149)
Duplicate: $80 (C$100)


three color glass gobo full color glass gobo
One Color Glass Two Colors Glass Three Color Glass Full Color (CMYK)
Original: US$169 (C$179)
Duplicate: US$109 (C138)
Original: US$269 (C$319)
Duplicate: US$159 (C$199)
Original: US$329 (C$416)
Duplicate: US$199 (C$249)
Original: US$399 (C$505)
Duplicate: US$259 (C$325)

Special Notes for Color Glass gobo:

How do you determine the number of colors for glass gobos?
B/W Glass: Black + White
B/W Glass with Grayscale: Black + White + Halftone
One Color: Any color + White OR Black
Two Colors: - Color + Color + Black
                   - Color + Black AND White
Three Colors: - Color + Color + Color + Black
                      - Color + Color + Black AND White
Full Colors: - Four Colors or more
                   - Any Color gradient (except B/W color)

Flat Pricing for

  • any size gobo, incl. custom sizes
  • any artwork detail (the number of different colors determines the price, not the artwork detail, adjustment to your artwork maybe required)
  • artwork processing included (of reasonable artwork quality).

Service options

  • Standard - ready to ship in 3-5 business days (depends on gobo types) after order confirmation. Add time for shipping.
  • Rush - ready to ship in on the same day, Next Day, or three business days business days (depends on gobo types). Add time for shipping, extra fee will apply.
  • No extra Shipping & Handling costs for for multiple artworks or gobos of the same type in the same order.


  • Standard - Shipped by UPS for Continental USA and Canada (by UPS ground)
  • Rush services by UPS is optional

What we need from you

  • Your artwork  (can be uploaded from the product page or sent by email) - please review our artwork requirements
  • the projector type that the gobo is being used in and/or the gobo size (can be entered on the product page). Don't know the gobo size? find out here.